Challenging BIGs

I’m starting a new MG game with two players. One chose to play Sadie “as is” since she really liked the character when we played through Delivering the Mail as a demo adventure. Sadie’s Belief and Instinct are quite nice and easy to challenge. The other player decided to tweak Kenzie’s template (changing everything but the skills, traits and attributes). I’m hoping to get some replies to this thread to get the inspiration juices flowing. The second players is yet to write his instinct, but instincts are fairly simple and right to the point. Here’s his Belief:

“To lead, authority is not enough. Courage is also essential.”

Now… what does this tell you? What situations might challenge this belief during play?

First thing for me: Corrupt, cowardly mayor of another town leading his mice to ruin.
Conflict: Towns are out of the guardmouse’s juridiction. How far will he go to play his Belief?

Second thing: Courageous bandits conducting brilliant and daring raids on mice shipments.
Conflict: These bandits clearly have no authority to do as they do, but they are courageous, bold and charismatic. Will he sympathize with them?

Third thing: The patrol is contronted by a very dangerous animal.
Conflict: The animal should be three grades higher than the mice on the Natural Order scale. Will Kenzie confront the animal or take a more prudent action?