Changing Beliefs meets Cliffhangers

So last session was amazing. We hit all our beliefs and even scored a couple of persona points for the effort. My beliefs were slightly more wordy versions of the following:
“Hunt the secret necromancer that preys on our town”
“Impress my sorcerous mentor with my honesty in administering the election”
“Help the intellectual candidate win the election”

Well the intellectual candidate turned out the be the necromancer and with the help of my sorcerous mentor we’d set a trap that would expose him. It was at the start of the election voting too.

We were all in the main chamber where the election votes would happen and rather than be caught out he saw the trap and got angry at my mentor and declared he was casting White Fire. Awesome climax, we’d really suffered to get to this revelation.

But now I’m trying to think of what my beliefs ought to be now. But the cliffhanger where we left makes a lot of the situation uncertain. I want a belief about my mentor again but it looks like he may become a pair of smokey shoes within seconds of the session getting underway!

Any commentary on similar situations?

Awesome challenging!

What about a Revenge or Honor belief? Taking up a student to teach him like your mentor did.

Suck it up :p: If you write a Belief about your mentor, prepare yourself to take the bullet for him, or to exterminate the threat as soon as possible. If all else fails… time for a sweet revenge Belief :smiley:

Stay cool :cool:

These are good. I particularly like the student part, though it’s not really powerful after such a climax. Revenge first, then perhaps taking on a student to instill your mentor’s teachings in a new generation.

Frankly, I’d leave it blank for now as it seems like your next game will deal with the necromancer, at least insofar as you can form a Belief around him. . . . if he still exists after the first 20 minutes of play. After all, don’t trade one soon-to-be extinct figure (the mentor) for another (the necromancer).

Is there pressure to redo your beliefs now? You could wait until the scene in progress has resolved itself and things are slightly more certain.

Out of curiosity, which is the shared goal, the first one about the necromancer?