Chapter Timeline

Those who have the PDF already know about the amazing art throughout the book and in the chapter headings. For fun, I went through and organized the chapter headings into a timeline, thus:

p. 149
p. 125
p. 115
p. 37
p. 129
p. 82
p. 22
p. 144
p. 116
p. 35
p. 60
p. 26
p. 163
p. 179
p. 21
p. 109
p. 104
p. 106
p. 76
p. 42
p. 30
p. 63
p. 132
p. 67
p. 4
p. 86
p. 14
p. 111
p. 10
p. 58
p. 101

Whew! It’s open to some interpretation, but I think that tells a nice story. :slight_smile:

It’s like Memento! In a dungeon!

Nice! It’s pretty different than our sequence (though some portions are the same), but I like it!

p. 123?

Bah! There were a lot of pages. :stuck_out_tongue:

That there are. :wink: Is an interesting chronology.

It shows the party solving the mystery of the House of the Three Squires.