Character Creation and Will

Hello -

I began a new game of Torchbearer on Tuesday night, and new players seemed to be just what was needed. The session went great, especially considering the challenges of The Dread Crypt of Skogenby.

We’re having a ton of fun. But i had a question concerning character creation.

One of the players, decided to create a Human Warrior. Great idea! He assigned 6 points to Health and 2 points to Will. The furthest limits available as it says neither can be above 6 or under 2.

Then during the nature questions we came to the one about whether he listens to the wisdom of his elders, or does he demand to be heard as an equal? He told me he demands to be heard. The rules then say to reduce Lore Master or Scholar by one, or Will by one if the character doesnt have the skills.

Does he reduce his Will to 1? Or has he lucked out, with 2 being a minimum requirement?

Drops to 1. You can’t assign your character a starting Will of 1 but it can be reduced during Nature questions or during play.

Thanks man! Especially for the quick response.

Also as a side note (and this probably isnt the place to say so), but we just played Lacuna. Its awesome.

Well he is definitely going to have difficulty recovering from some conditions!