Character Creation Questions?

Hey all, beginning a new campaign soon and Im working on my new four life-path Knight. He’s tied heavily to the situation, and characters and relationships in that situation, but I had two quick questions:

  1. When factoring Starting Resources Exponent, do horses count as property? (I bought two)

  2. Help with Instinct: I have a good grasp on what instincts should be, and am trying to work on a “If/then” instinct, but I want to make sure its really an instinct and not a proto-belief placed incorrectly on the character sheet.

  • If my feelings for Sir Haldir are ever brought to light, then fly into a rage to cover it up.


  • If my feelings for Sir Haldir are ever questioned, then fly into a rage of denial.

Could someone suggest something similar? Or are those ok?

Thanks for the help in advance.

1: I’m not sure, would lean towards yes they are property. Ask your GM if no resounding answer here

2: Codex suggests that there are three main types of instinct. The mechanically beneficial: I draw my sword if surprised. Characterisation: your examples (which work but think of how often it might arise). The reminder/I don’t care about so skip: always picket my horse and feed before setting camp.

My quick thoughts.

  1. The list of stuff to spend RP on is quite explicit about what counts as property, and horses aren’t on that list.

  2. Perfectly fine Instincts. They’re the kind that give you fate artha when you fly into a rage and get yourself in trouble.

Awesome. Thanks for the answers!