Character Creation References

Hi, so I backed on Kickstarter and got “The Feasting Table” plus I got the “Scavenger’s Supplement”.

It is a lot of content and as I’m going through it I’m imagining my players getting ready to create their own characters. There is a lot of information that is scattered across all the books. Like classes and skills and hometown availabilities. In the dungeoneer’s handbook there is a skill reference but it is incomplete.

Are there PDFs anywhere that has all of this information collected where players can see all of their options when making their characters? It doesn’t need to have all the details if they point to which book they can go read the details. But it would be nice for an overview.

Just start with the DHB. The game isn’t meant to be played with all options at once. If it was, we would have released everything in one book.


Ok, I can understand not wanting to overwhelm new players but what about for someone’s 2nd character or someone being 3 adventures in?

Having the information you need disseminated without any source consolidating your options is inherently inconvenient without benefit.

If I want to make a changeling Scion that has both cooking and butchery I don’t want to have to have poured through three books to know that’s even possible.

I’m not opposed to referring to three books for more details but I’m not going to expect all players to have read all books.

A reference guide consolidating what exists would be great. Not unlike the “complete torchbearer gear list” in the Lore master’s manual. It lists all the equipment across the two books that have equipment and tells you what books you can go to to read more details.

My experience: what’s in the dhb, even just the character creation section are enough for most players. Anything more gets overwhelming. Those options are really for the"advanced"players who delve into the books on their own. Everything in the LMM is optional stuff.

If a character wanted butcher as a starting skill, I guess they can, but it won’t be used often if ever during the first few levels.


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