Character Death and Artha

When a player’s character dies or becomes unplayable, does that player lose all artha associated with the dead/unplayable character, or can it all be passed to that person’s newly created character?


I think there are specific traits for that, like Martyrdom or something. I would be inclined to allow it if the character didn’t have like 30 fate points or something, as I tend to view Artha as rewarding the player more than the character, since BITs are all very meta anyway.

All the Artha earned is lost at death. But if the character had the Aura of Martyrdom trait, the character’s artha get’s transferred to some article of clothing or a weapon or whatever on his person and awesomeness ensues.

That could make a great story hook, too–trying to find an old PC’s relic or keeping it out of nefarious hands.