Character sheet, french translation

Hey torchbearers,

As I’m getting ready to run 4 sessions of TB2E in french, and finding no source material in french, I resorted to do my own translation, that I’m now sharing here.

Please find the character sheet translated in french.

I’d love your feedback on this. And for the people interested, I’ve documented my translation choices.



C’est du solide.

Juste pour les compétences tu as traduit “Pathfinder” en éclaireur·se et “Scout” en “Scout”, mais on est bien d’accord scout c’est le mot anglais pour éclaireur non ?

Peut-être infiltrateur·se pour scout ?

Je voudrais Infiltrateur mais le competence Scout en TB est aussi pour l’observation. Donc il est imperfete. Tout le chose est imperfet!

Aussi aussi, je desolé pour mon Français.

I’ve seen there is a crowdfunding going on for an official French version, I’m curious how they will tackle Pathfinder and Scout. Moreover, the rules distinguish Help and Aid, but in French it’s the same word “Aide”. They will probably have to use another word for “Aid” such as “assistance”.

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