Character sheets for the two other missions in the book.

Made character sheets for the templates of Deliver the Mail and Trouble in Grasslake with Robert Bohl’s form fillable sheets. If Luke doesn’t mind I can upload them…

if not could you email them to me

Zipfile sent to those who asked for it. Check your spamfilters if necessary.

Yes please. saintandsinner dot jmj at gmail dot com-thingy


Me also, please: patrick dot riegert at gmail dot com

Can you also send one to me? trashedspam (at)



Given there are character sheets done up for The Grain Peddler, perhaps these character sheets could be bundled in with those and thus be part of the sticky? I can’t see that being against copyright or anything if some are already up.

I already have them all, but for new players it’d sure be handy to have access to via the wiki and here.

I PMed you my e-mail address. Please let me know if you didn’t get it.

I’d like to get those sheets please. Its funny I actually got online today looking for just that.

crackermalk (at) gmail (dot) com

Ok I’ll put them up on a downloadsite tomorrow when I’m at my own computer and link it here.

Ok here’s a zipfile for all eight sheets. It’s on a rapidshare account so it’s only good for ten downloads. It seems that I cant publish .pdf’s from Google Docs but if anyone knows of a free and more reliable download provider, I’ll put them up there…

MediaFire tends to be good. Not sure on maximum upload size (I’m sure 9 megs is no problem) and not sure about whether a person must be registered there (I don’t think so).

I’ve been using mediafile for my BW uploads and I’ve only got the free account. It’s 100mb file limit, but unlimited storage and downloads. The uploader needs to register but anyone downloading files doesn’t have to sign up. It’s worked great for me.

[Same zipfile uploaded at MediaFire with unlimited downloads.]( Guard
The Enemy box could do with another line because I had to crop two at the “Trouble in Grasslake”.

Thanks for these! I’m running Grasslake this weekend and was perturbed by the lack of sheets.

can anyone get one that you can edit, but also can save?

You can add text and save using FoxIt.

Make sure you have the Typewriter Toolbar up. That’s how I write into the normal BW character sheets (and write and save in the MG form-fillable sheet).

thank you, it worked and now i have my character on my computer as well as on paper