Character sheets infected?

Hey guys.
I downloaded the BE charsheet and have since encounterred really mean bugs/quirks along with the usage of the file.

I had stuff like:

  1. When i print the file via the Foxit reader it takes about 1 min. until the printer starts printing.
  2. in 90% of the cases, i got a buffer overflow or stuff like that, but recently my system REBOOTS, WHENEVER i try to print the file. what the… !?

I have sufficient RAM, Win 2k, Foxit Reader.

Was/is the charsheet file from the WIKI corrupted, infected with a virus, or what’s wrong with it?

Oh, and the problems ONLY occur with this special file.

Would somebody be so kind to prompt me to a BETTER and SIMPLER version of the character sheet?
I’d be glad for having a sheet that’s printable and simple…
Not NO sheet at all…

THX a lot if you could help me out on the matter

Best regards

I’ll see what we can do…

That is really fast customer support!

Thx a lot!

Foxit reader isn’t anywhere as good at reading PDFs as they say it is. I’ve had problems with it trying to print IRS forms and just reading various software and hardware manuals. If you don’t want to use Adobe Reader for whatever reason, try GSview:

Ive got an older laserjet printer here and it takes ages to print the BE Char sheet - i dont get any crashes though just a 5 min wait to send one sheet to the printer. Other than the printing its all fine and im using Adobe Reader with PS drivers. I wonder if it would print quicker with PCL drivers.

I’ll second this. PS readers are not entirely functionally equivalent. Different viewers can expose different shortcomings of specific printer drivers. I’ve even had to go Foxit and/or GSview for some PDFs that don’t properly work on a number of versions of the Adobe Reader with a given print driver. shrug

P.S. I’ve never had a problem with a PDF on OSX, if that option is available to you, though I suppose that day will come too.

Quite likely. I’ve switched to using the PCL driver for my aging Lexmark C710 just to get some newer ‘pretty’ files printed at all, because the printer can run out of memory processing the typically much larger PS print jobs.

Ok, folks, just to clarify:
I’ve been using Foxit and my overaged Canon S300 for about a year now, encountering NO problems what so ever.

I’ll try out the alternate reader, though.

I have; both BE and the BECS… the font used didn’t imbed properly, and prints at about 0.1 horizontal spacing (thus illegibly); it is used for the names of skills/feats. Solution: print as image.

The PDF Specification is a huge, the document for just the basic portion of it is over 700 pages long. So the BE sheet could be using a portion of it in an entirely legal and “correct” way, or an least valid interpretation of the spec because in anything this large there are ambiguities, that you hadn’t seen in any other document prior. shrug

What are you talking about?

I used the BE charsheet from the Wiki, and it does fuckup my PDF reader, so i’m asking for a pure b/w (con)version that’s more stable to print out.

Am i asking too much?

I’ve had much less luck with Foxit than you have.

All the BE pdfs print out just fine from in OSX or Adobe Reader on Win2k or WinXP from my direct experience. One of the PDFs (I think page 2 of the Firefight scripting sheet) gives a printer at my office fits (a fairly recent HP that has issues with lots of documents that don’t come from MS Office), but I have printed it just fine on both a fairly recent Brother laser printer and a few different old HP printers at my office and elsewhere.

Foxit has had major problems for me with all sorts of PDF documents, printing and viewing. I trashed it before I ever even tried BE with it. Again I’ll suggest GSview if you don’t want to use Adobe Reader.

Don’t you think i wouldn’t have come back to this thread if GSview would have worked out for me?

No, it didn’t, not even by far.

It’s not that i don’t like Adobe Reader, i just CAN’T use it, because i only have an outdated win2k as OS.


If you come here asking for help, and someone suggests something they think will help, and you mention that you’ll try it but don’t say anything about whether it works, instead reiterating that your prior setup works perfectly for everything else, and they suggest it again, so you blast them because of course they should know without you telling them that you tried it and it didn’t work(!), I am afraid you may find that people will not be as helpful after you do this as before.

I am sure Luke and co. will do everything practical to produce a more basic PDF to accommodate your reader preferences and printer drivers. In the mean time:

Acrobat Reader will work just fine with Win2k. 2k was a really solid operating system, still is for most purposes. You can also get older versions of Reader here:

Reader 9 will work with Win2k Service Pack 4. SP4 was released on June 26th, 2003 and is therefore nearly five and a half years old. If you haven’t grabbed the updates for your OS in the last six years, all I can say is I hope you have good antivirus software.

Reader 7 is available from the link I gave above and works on Win2k SP2 and up. I think SP2 was late 2001?

In my experience a lot of the problems I’ve had with PDFs come from printer drivers. Many printer drivers, especially older or lower-end ones, don’t handle some kinds of PDFs very cleanly and can crash the printer and/or the originating application.

If you can display the character sheet correctly, you could save it as a jpg or take a screenshot and print the resulting image.

What Dwight was getting at there is that PDFs are actually pretty complicated. It is indeed possible that the problem is some issue with Foxit not correctly displaying part of a perfectly legitimate PDF file even though your past experience with Foxit has been good. That is not to say that no one here (either here on the forums or at BWHQ) will try to help you with that. Obviously several people here do want to help you.

Now, I spent a few minutes tracking down system requirements and finding a download site for old versions of Acrobat. I did that because I wanted to help you. If you come back acting like it’s my fault that you’re being persecuted for having an older OS, or like I’m supposed to somehow divine from your posting habits what troubleshooting procedures you’ve performed, my helpfulness will evaporate.

On the other hand, if you can’t get Acrobat 7.0.9 to work for you, PM me here on the forums with an email address that can accept attachments and I’ll send you jpg versions of the character sheets. They won’t scale as well or be as pretty as the PDFs, but they should be easier to print.

Oh Lord.
I had to re-set-up the system again this year, because my HDD crashed, and i don’t possess a newer one, so?

I DON’T have SP 4.

But i found a workaround on my own.

Close this thread, please.

Thx for nothing, dudes.

WTF with the attitude? Use Google, if that site works on your ancient machine. Perhaps you’d find this site (the first result for win2k sp4):

Hey. Everyone, cool it.

Heretic, I think you’ll find these forums one of the most polite and most helpful around. Please accept these offers of help – folks volunteering their time to help you with a technical problem unrelated to the game – in the spirit in which they were offered, that of kindness and generosity.


Sorry for ranting.

I know all of you just wanted to help. Had a hard time recently, so i’d like to appology for that.

BTW: Is there any interest in feedback about your from foreign countries? ^^

It’s no problem. We’re all happy to help. Feel free to post feedback in the appropriate forums.


ASAP, when my group gets to play some sessions in between SWSE and D&D 3.5…