Character Trait mechanics?

To be honest I’m not sure if this is a question or a hack suggestion. In any case, it seems to me that the Character Traits don’t have any mechanics tied to it, except to say that you are <insert trait here>.

I suppose you can tie that to gaining artha, if your character trait qualifies you for it in any given instance.

Is there an actual mechanic I’m missing?

To me, it seems like they are good indicators for gaining Advantage Dice, if the situation merits it.

For example, a player with a Buxom lady character could ask for advantage dice for seduction if she feels her character’s endowments (Buxom character trait) give her an edge.

Similarly, a Character with Diminutive Stature could ask for advantage on a test to sneak about, or crawl through an exceptionally tight space in a hurry.

Too much? Not applicable? Are Character Traits just things that give your character flavor?

Character traits are things that just give you flavor and can be mined for artha, but I think it’s perfectly reasonable to use flavor for advantage dice. It’s a problem if you use buxom as +1D for all social tests, but when it really fits, like squeezing through a crawlspace with Diminutive Stature, I’ll give it. I’m lenient like that. If it’s used a ton it’s time to call for it to be changed into a Dt in the next trait vote, though.

They already are tied to gaining artha. Check out the top of page 64. Character traits can be great for fate points!

I think it’s also suggested somewhere that during trait votes, new traits should maybe be given as character traits, whereas die and call-on traits should be made out of the character’s existing character traits. I don’t think that’s a hard and fast rule, though - more of a guideline.
I’d probably hesitate to give my players too many advantage dice for their character traits. A trait that gives +1 to all seduction rolls seems like it would be a significant die trait - something I’d want the player to earn in a trait vote by playing up Buxom a bunch.

Yeah, I by no means think advantage dice should be doled out super easily. For instance, if the GM rules that the NPC prefers his women less endowed, or dislikes women too quick to flaunt their assets, then the advantage doesn’t apply (and rather could be a disadvantage instead!).

It just seems they make for good justification to try for an advantage, and most are particularly narrow on when they can be used (Hairy to impress Dwarves may only work some of the time. Hairy may also give an advantage on Health/Forte tests in cold conditions, since the extra fuzz can help them stay warm).