Charcter Traits

So, I am confused by the description of character traits in the charter burner:

"Mechanically, there are three kinds of traits: die traits, call-on traits and
character traits. Die traits affect die rolls in the game and are the most expensive
of the bunch. Call-on traits are the fun ones. They represent tiny quirks or special
abilities that characters can use to get out of or into trouble. They are called “callon” because in order to use them the player must announce that his character is
calling on that trait. Character traits are embellishments added to flesh out
characters and make them more fun to roleplay. "

This makes it sound like character traits have no mechanical effect. But shouldn’t being “Drop dead gorgeous” for instance effect somone’s ability to persuade others?

A lot of times there are multiple traits that fit a concept but have different levels of mechanical benefit. A person could be Drop Dead Gorgeous (a character trait) but not Charming or Charismatic or Glib (all Call-Ons), or be Spooky (character) but not have an Aura of Fear (die), or be Obedient but not Loyal or Broken.

Character traits still give you a way to influence the narrative and earn Artha by invoking them as a negative aspect, and using them in the description of your actions is a fantastic way to jockey for an upgraded Call-On or Die trait when the trait vote comes around.

So take Drop Dead Gorgeous! Make a point of getting into trouble when people notice you instead of getting to roll Inconspicuous, or pepper your descriptions of your Persuade and Seduction with mentions of your fluttered eyelashes or flexed biceps! Before you know it you’ll have tons of Fate points to spend, and a good argument for a new trait in a few sessions.


thanks. i really like that. That its something that can grow and develop in play!

I haven’t got my books on hand to confirm, but I believe a character trait is eligible for promotion to a call on during a trait vote too

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Yes, if you play on a certain trait enough then it’s eligible to upgrade into a call-on or die trait during trait vote. (Sometimes that’s measured by artha spent on roles related to that trait, but that’s a totally optional metric.)

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