Charred: An Unofficial Online BWG Character Burner

I realized I hadn’t actually added those traits :stuck_out_tongue: They’ve been added, so they should be selectable now.

I fixed the remaining bugs that people mentioned so far:

  • The Protector setting’s Sword Singer didn’t accept Soldier-Protector as a prerequisite
  • Elven Prince/Princess lifepath was missing it’s requirements
  • Property was not counted when computing the Resources attribute

The features will take a little longer.

No servitude sub-setting?

*that is from Proffesional Soldier sub-setting to servitude sub-setting.

Nice, tried out one of my characters.

One thing, I have never understood “Appropriate Weapons” to be limited to melee weapons, so I was unable to recreate an existing PC.

Another feature would be to allow for editing the character as play proceeds.

Another feature would be to allow override, for example, the campaign my PC was done for, each PC was given a free trait.

Lifepath customization would be neat also.

The appropriate weapons for lifepaths, where are they stored? Do we all share them?



Hmm, that seems to be a bug. I’ll fix that.

You know, I hadn’t thought of that, which upon reflection seems silly. I’ll add in the ranged weapons as well.

That might be interesting. When I was thinking of the use case I was supposing that people would burn up a character using Charred, then copy down or print out the character sheet and the paper sheet would then be the document of reference. But I guess if people are tending to play online more often it would make sense to have a way of updating it.

That’s worth thinking about.

Yeah, I’d thought of that. When I was imagining the progression of Charred a while back I was thinking of allowing someone to generate custom Campaign material: a modified set of lifepaths, what weapons are appropriate for which lifepaths, what traits are allowed and disallowed, custom settings, etc. The idea would be that the GM would build this material in the tool and generate a file that he’d distribute to players to build characters against.

Really, that’s an order of magnitude more advanced than the tool is today, so that’s really something for the future if there’s enough demand.

No, they’re actually unique per character; they’re stored in the .char file. There’s actually another backend for the tool that’s not enabled that stores characters on the server side, and in that backend the appropriate weapons are stored per user. In the end, though, I decided against the hassle of server-side storage.

kanobe, gruntwork update.

So, OlavBB and I plugged away as data-entry monkeys. In short, we’ve finished the trait list in the format you suggested-- though this did result in some lost presentation formatting.

Sent you a private message with the link. Lets get the legalities in order. :slight_smile:


Great work guys! Thanks! Those will make a great addition.

I’m still trying to get into contact with someone about the legalities.

I just put up a new version with improvements. A special thanks goes out to NkEnNy and OlavBB for typing out all the trait descriptions!


  • Trait descriptions have been added. They appear in two places:

    1. In the ‘Search traits…’ dialog when a trait having a description is selected
      the description appears below the dropdown
    2. In the list of traits that the character has purchased, hovering over the trait name
      shows a tooltip with the description if it has one.
  • The special trait dropdown now shows trait costs

  • Trait dropdowns now auto-fill

  • Leads to Servitude and Captive setting now work

  • Purchasing a trait then adding a lifepath causes the trait to be removed. This has been

The math of the program is somewhat off.

Especially in regards to age (sometimes off by 2-3 years) and Mortal wounds (guess the problem might ahve something to do with rounding up/down).

The Bard lifepath is missing from Citadel Elf setting…not sure if any others are. Also, you can take Second (in Etharch setting) without Attendant or other required paths.

The only person who can give you permission of any sort is Luke, and he’s traveling this week.

For the age calculation, were you adding +1 year for each lead to a new setting taken?

Could you make a character that demonstrates the problems, save it, and send me a copy to debug it?

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll get those fixed soon.

:o no I did not. My bad.

I just put up a new version with improvements.


  • Appropriate Weapons now includes ranged weapons

  • Elven Bard lifepath had the wrong requirement

  • Elven Second lifepath was missing requirements

There’s some weirdness with extra trait points showing up sometimes. I’ll try to get it to reproduce reliably.

Turning off enforced lifepaths switches the resources spenders to the Mannish list no matter what stock is used. Turning it back on doesn’t fix the problem unless the character is reset.

More high-end Elf problems:

Neither Prince nor Loremaster seems to prerequisite to Etharch even with Aman.

I don’t think Prince/Princess works as a prerequisite to anything, probably again because the lifepath name has that slash and doesn’t match “prince”?

Thanks for letting me know! I’ll look into these problems.

I just pushed a new version where these should now be fixed. Let me know if you end up finding a reproduction for the extra trait point showing up.

The Protector setting’s Sword Singer gives two trait points but should only give one. Interestingly, adding and removing a trait, or removing a trait you’ve already purchased, seems to reset the calculation and then it goes right.