Chase rules from Classified

Reading through the Classified RPG rulebook (refresh of the classic 007 RPG), my thoughts on the apparently elegant chase rules are that they can be added as a module to BW.
Basically, it goes like this:

  • Set up the distance between the chaser and the chased from Close to Distant
  • Both party bid on a difficulty factor to determine who has the initiative (= deciding who goes first, it’s not always the best option to be the first to act), translating the risks taken by the party. In BW we could go for Ob
  • The first party declares one of the 5 available manoeuvres (180, fast turn, follow/escape, stunt, ram) and make a skill check opposed to the difficulty factor chosen during the bid, applies the effect immediatly (and because it’s James Bond, can eventually engage in fire combat)
  • If the chase is still on, the second party does the same
  • End of round, repeat until the chase is over

What do you think ? Have you used something similar ?
It strongly echoes with the R&C rules to me, in a simpler way and could fit it quite nicely.

Fun fact, IIRC, the James Bond RPG with the first to come up with Hero Points. Quite elegant, if you can get your hands on the rules it’s totally worth the reading.

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