Check out this bit of coolness

All of the worlds from the Wiki in their rightful places:



(that’ll show those of us who didn’t post our worlds on the wiki … !)

Whoa! Very cool Chris!

This is great! I emailed the link to the players of Prometheus Chained, and they got a kick out of seeing our little world sitting there on the map.

Thanks very much for doing this!

this is awesome. makes me want to play even more.

VERY pretty… and an interesting study in distributions, though the sample size is a bit to small to say anything about, for instance, popularity of empires.

I was wondering: Aren’t those worlds written up, somewhere? And if so… well, why not make it an image map and have each star and tag link to its world write-up? You probably need only use HTML mark-up (instead of wiki code, which has made the whole image link to its image page), assuming that it’s permitted on this wiki (usually is by default).

I could hack up the MAP code (if you don’t have some WYSIWYG app to do it for you) so long as I know where the write-ups are. Lemme know…

weeps with happiness

Oh man, I gotta get a another game going now!!!