Checks and Camp - n00b question

If I read it right, ANY test made in camp requires a Check. So if a character has Healer, they can’t use it unless they have a Check, or someone shares their own Check.

Is that right?

Correct! So, that Check could either be used to let a Wounded character try to test Health, or to have their ally with the Healer skill try to fix the problem. :slight_smile:

One exception: If they have an instinct like “Always tend my friends’ injuries in camp” they could use that instinct to make a test without a check.

Of course, the above instinct only triggers if someone is injured. I find it more efficient to use instincts for needs that are even more frequent, so there’s always a check or two available for dealing with conditions. Some examples include:

[li]Always seek out a safe site when it’s time to camp.[/li][li]Always find a source of potable water when we camp.[/li][li]Always cook when we camp.[/li][li]Always brew elixirs when camp.[/li][li]Always map our progress when we camp.[/li][li]Always scribe scrolls when we camp.[/li][/ul]