I was running my first game of Mouse Guard and I was wondering… since there are no humans, does that mean there isn’t any cheese in Mouse Guard? I’m not trying to be funny at all, I am seriously wondering about this.

The only thing I could come up with is that mice somehow form a symbiotic relationship with cattle. Perhaps they get milk in exchange for protecting them against weasels (etc.)?

I assume they eat vegan, nut-based “cheese” like the kind that can be made from almonds.

Apparently Pliny refers to cheese made from “milk of the hare” and since we know mice already have cross-benefit relationship with rabbits, perhaps that would be a source of potential dairy products. Although I suspect that such things would be rare delicacies, as the rabbits in the mouse world are not herd animals subject to mass production.

Are hares intelligent? I assumed only weasels and mice are.

In the Winter book, thy certainly have conversations with the mice like they are at near-mouse level intelligence.