Chicken Boo

A giant chicken, disguised to infiltrate a human society.

Might 3 Nature 3

Decriptors: Disguising, Escaping, Pecking

Trick 6

Flee 5

Convince 3

Human Bearing: +1D to Defend in Trick and Convince Conflict

Flappy Chaos: +1D to Attack and Manoeuvre in Flee

Special: When losing a conflict or incurring a major compromise the chicken’s disguise falls apart and he is seen for what he really is: a giant chicken.

If only the players think that Chicken Boo is a giant chicken other characters will ostracize the players until Chicken Boo is engaged in a conflict.

Inspired by @Koch and his Wild Turkeys.


Love it. I pity the poor adventurers that die by these monsters. :baby_chick: :turkey: :cat2:

Maybe characters hit by the Boo during a conflict could become the Boo.

Curse of the Chicken Boo: At the end of a conflict, characters that lost one or more points of disposition test Will Ob 3. Suggested twist: the character suffers the Curse of the Chicken Boo. Once per session, a member of the party claims to really be a giant chicken but is dismissed by the other characters.

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