Child prodigy trait - before or after opening skills?

As it says.
Would this be before opening skills? Which would give a huge (and welcome) advantage to skills?

When creating a character, you select and open skills (step 5) before you buy traits (step 6), so I’d say no.

Wait, what’s the question? You can apply the Child Prodigy trait benefit to any skill you open during the burning process.

yes, that is the question…
but is Bobo correct?
It makes me think about taking the “lord” path… it requires “your lordship” trait… So if i can “buy” the trait immediately, i could burn up a noble born -> lord path (so a child raised to status early, and probably unprepared), but if I cant buy traits until afterwards… then thats impossible…

Right, trait requirements. In that case, forget what I said and go with Kublai.

Also, rereading the trait description, I guess that last sentence isn’t there without a reason.

yeah… if child prodigy was with a 3 or 4 path character, it could get MAJORLY overpowered. At least this way if will only be a handful of mental skills… But mozart here i come!