Christmas Mission

Well, I tried to organise a game of Mouse Guard before Christmas break (and after) but no one is interested. I have really bad internet so I can’t even join or run a game online :frowning:

Here was what I had planned:

Patrol starts at Sprucetuck just as Winter is about to set in, they are told about a toymaker who usually visits at this time of year to talk with the Sprucetuck scientists so they can come up with new ideas for toys. Things like spinning tops, scopperels, kites, and other curios. These end up in the hands of an almost mythical figure named Klaus who has been giving toys to children of the southern territories for a number of years during Winter. The toymaker has yet to visit this year and people are concerned an accident may have befallen him. Can the patrol investigate?

The patrol finds a large tree and a hut by it. Inside the hut they find an uncooperative skinny old man named Marcus who tells them, “Klaus is dead!” before slamming the door on them. The situation appears very suspicious. Ob:5 to win him over (either by breaking in, or talking him down).

The reveal is that Marcus and his recently deceased brother are “Klaus”. At least the most recent incarnation of him. Their generation has been carrying on in the guise of their deceased father Klaus to continue his legacy (they find Klaus-disguises inside Marcus’ hut). As word spread, they needed more than one Klaus to be able to visit all of the villages before Winter fully set in. Some villages with those old enough to figure it out are in on the ruse, some are not. But Marcus on his own cannot carry the burden all on his own. He hasn’t even been able to finish all of the toys in the workshop (inside the big tree).

It’s up to the Patrol to finish the toys and for one of them to step into the role of Klaus to keep him alive.

Needs a bit more fleshing out I think, but I felt as loose as it is would give the players more angles to uncover the mystery. Perhaps let them discover Marcus’ brother’s grave or the workshop if they search beforehand. I also thought it would be amusing for players to hit a large village and for the non-Klaus players to play NPC children making ridiculous demands for toys or life-changing wishes.