Circles for finding a specific person?

I was wondering how the rules would work for finding a particular person?

Eg - there is a prophesy for a particular person… with some attributes given.

How would someone go about finding this prophesied one? Would it be circles rolls at high disadvantage? Or even how would you go around building up a circles rating in a foreign culture?

How would a bounty hunter character work?

Just drawing a blank here on rules.

You could use Circles to find someone who knows where the person is. Your Ob would probably be pretty high, needing specific information and being inclined to help you and all.

Provided this person travels in your circles.

Yeah, that was the assumption I was making. There are a lot of situations in which that wouldn’t make sense. I guess in that case, you might go about it with maybe some linked tests? [Specific] Prophecy-Wise, Research, Doctrine, Obscure History. Those kind of academic skills. Maybe with some relevant circles tests to find people knowledgable in the subjects, rather than the specific person?

Depending upon why your character is looking might determine how your character is looking too, A bounty hunter would have some information available from the proclamation.

A writer, poet, painter, sculpture, etc. can be tracked by their work through researching the collected works themselves or following the purchased items back to their place of origin (similar to follow the money, except it’s follow the purchased). A legendary person most likely has some sort of reputation, affiliation, relationship, folklore, or something to help narrow the field enough to open a wise about it or at least find a common circles thread to pull.

Ahh cool!

Thanks for the tips - the “search for someone who would know” is something i’d overlooked.

Just realising how difficult it would be to build a relationship with someone outside your circles…

How would it work for a noble background character who is (during the course of the game) thrust into an outcast group… They would be a figurative fish out of water - and SoL?

Hang on… you can use things other than affiliation and reputation to help circles rolls? Folklore or similar wises might be used for help dice?

You may use linked tests as normal, but only Circles can help Circles (p. 381).

If your target has a particular reputation, it may be used as advantage dice (p. 382).

Reputations and Affiliations add advantage dice, they are not help. You can only help Circles with similar Circles.

OK. Just to make sure my coffee addled brain is making sense of this…

The old Wise Man gets told a prophesy about some dangerous person… he believes that he must find this man. (the problem is a “wolf and it’s pack tear apart the herd”
so - prophesy wise to work out “what sort of person should I be looking for” (assumes some kind of insurrectionist or bandit chief)
if that succeeds, +1 to the circles test?

then a “kingdom-wise” to go around and know who he should be asking about this mysterious figure. (asking the shady folk about rumours)
if that succeeds, +1 to the circles test?

Then (for example) since he has a life path of “rogue wizard”, he can roll circles with : same setting +2ob ; informants, lower rank +1ob ; specific knowledge +3ob

Now assuming the figure is a famous bandit chief who is formenting unrest, he’d have a reputation of at least 2D

that means my thoeretical “Wise Man” needs a Ob 5 roll to find a person who knows about this bandit chief and is happy to talk?

and if the prophesy wise and kingdom wise rolls are successful, then maybe he’ll be rolling circles+2 dice?

Looks about right, or at least the right idea. Linked tests need to exceed the Ob to grant dice, not just meet it. Also, usually you just take the most relevant Circles Ob modifiers, not necessarily all of them. So, the test to find a guy that knows where the bandit’s hideout is will probably be around Ob 4 or 5, yeah, since Circles always starts at a base Ob of 1.