Circles getting them half the way?

I was wondering if this was viable:
The second (and last) Hazard of the gm turn. The charcters need to get in contact with a person in a ruinous, seedy, banditinfested city. I want to give them a Circles test for that. But can that just be the first necessary step in getting this contact to help them, or does the Circles test mean that they have already achived this persons cooperation?

I believe the Circles rules just say willing to help “in some capacity”

I would think you’re probably better having the NPC be cooperative if the test is passed, and then you can make them an enemy if failed (and hence require the players to pass a persuasion/whatever check to get them to help). That said, you can always bump up the Ob a little to make it harder, which may be justified given the situation.

Hmm… Yeah! You opened my eyes a little there. I was kinda hung up on twist OR enimity clause. Now I see the option of treating those more fluidly. I feel it’s a prosess when learning new games to sort of get the rules under my skin. And when you get to that level you are able to use the rules as a seamless whole. And I had a moment with circles-twists-enemity clause like that now.
Thanks, great help!

Don’t forget complex obstacles (p. 68 and 92).

Yeah, that’s another option. I am familiar with complex obstacles.
But would you consider using a complex obstacle with Circles as one of the tests?
Now that I think about it, why not?

Yeah, absolutely, why not? I think it’s perfect for what you want.