Circles modifiers & previously circled NPCs

Say I circle up an NPC and time not being a factor, my Ob is 3. Say I exceed the obstacle and get to name them.

Let’s say later I’m in the middle of the conflict and I realize that NPC would be really useful right about now. Would I still be able to circle him at the original Ob of 3? Or should it be subject to the +3 Ob for being in the middle of a conflict.

I would think you would have to have circle him up at Ob 6, but at least you get your extra die for naming him. I think the same would hold in reverse too. If you initially circled him up in the middle of a conflict and later needed him in a building scene, the Ob would be three less.

You apply all of the current situational penalties, but you do get the +1D advantage for having named him.