Clarification of Flak vs Assess

The Assess is opposed by the defensive half of Flak. If the Assess beats the defense, does it prevent the offensive half? Or just let you then undertake the manuevers that require an Assess first?

Hey Anthony, I thought it was pretty clear.

This is from the description of Flak on page 419:

If used against a Pin or Assess, use the defense dice to oppose your opponent’s action. Use your attack dice to damage his disposition.

The defensive provides the obstacle for the Assess. That’s the number of successes the side doing the Assess needs in order to get it off. Regardless of what happens, the side that made the Flak rolls its attack portion to damage his opponent’s disposition.


I blame it on being tired.

I come to Anthony’s defense, everyone at the table read it and was confused. I stand to blame I think, earlier that evening I had eaten some magic Beans of Confusion and they were starting to vent.