Classless Torchbearer?

Hi there!

I personally like it about the game, but the obvious Lord of the Rings atmosphere of the games races doesn’t sit well with everyone.

Has someone worked on making the game less class dependent?

I’ve heard mouse-guard is more freeform in character creation. Could it be ported over?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

The classes are more of an homage basic D&D. Definitely check out Wanderers, Outcasts & Exiles if you want to see more options:

For creating your own, you should feel free to craft them and share them here on the forums for help, or in the Google+ community.

The link you posted is broken.

Thank you!

Shouldn’t there, maybe, be a sticky with a list of all the ones people have made?

I’d like a guide to create classes on the fly.

I like to create groups and their characters using the Fate systems Phase Trio, before diving into mechanics.

The way the game is written now, there isn’t much room for this sort of play.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the homage to D&D, but I still feel the game could survive a bit more flexibility?

Use the existing classes as a guide. Aside from the Nature questions it should be pretty straightforward, and you only have to worry about nature questions if you’re adding a new species/race. If you notice, the skill lists all have a pretty similar distribution. Also, because skills advance with use the starting values will kind of even out after a few adventures unless you do something crazy. As for class abilities, you can either ask them to pick one of the existing classes to follow or you can mix and match a bit to create your own theme.

Link is back, fools.

Jared, I am very tempted to purchase your classes.

One question though.
Does it come with new Race questions?

Yep. The humans and half-humans don’t have new Nature questions, neither do the dwarf and halfling classes. But the Dark Elf, Sea Elf, Minotaur, Gnome and Roden do.