Clerical questions for Invocations

Pun intended :upside_down_face:.

Currently building out an insane spreadsheet for all the wonderful invocations, noticed that “Foundation of the Lords of Law,” has its duration marked as “one conflict.” Puzzled, 'cause it doesn’t seem to be conflict-related.

Its flavor text says “Channeling their need for order in all things through the theurge, the Lords of Law consecrate the land that it may grow into a bastion of civilization,” which leads me to think maybe the duration might be permanent? The scope and factors attached are crazy powerful-- at its height invoking a whole village and possibly a river or a lake-- Doesn’t seem like the Lords of Law would call it a “foundation” if it lasted a few hours.

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Looking more closely, I’m now noticing it also has the same relic/sacramental/duration as Visage of the Lord of Victory. Errata or nifty & intentional Sigtyr canon tie-in?

It looks like you’ve found a transposition error. It should be permanent and the sacramental should be a sprig of holly gathered under the full moon. The relic is correct though!

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I live to serve. Thanks for the clarification!

While I gotcha here, maybe I’m scanning the Ritual section too quickly-- I can’t figure out if Theurges/Shaman (at great personal peril) may attempt any circle invocation right from the get-go or not. The invocation description says 1st levels can even attempt 2nd circle Invocations, but I’m not seeing a circle cap. This is very probably because I am not reading carefully enough, but wanted to check!

Yep! 1st level theurge can attempt a 4th Circle theurge invocation right at the start. Same with shamans and shaman invocations. Not recommended for those who value their lives or sanity! But theurges and shamans aren’t the most stable individuals…


Yeehaw! That opens up a whole bucket of crazy. Thanks for such an amazing game.

Man, once a Theurge gets their hand on that scepter of rule, they better not let go.

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My pleasure. Would love to hear about your game if/when you play!

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