cloak color

Greetings all, is there a list of cloak colors and descriptions anywhere? or is intended to be made up by the character creator? thanks

Either you (if you’re not a Tenderpaw) or your Mentor (when you’re promoted past Tenderpaw) comes up with your cloak color.

There’s no list. You make up the meaning of whatever color cloak your guardmouse has.

This may help.

In all societies and cultures, various colours have different connotations. For instance, to the older generation in China, wearing yellow is seen as a bit sexually suggestive and is a lewd colour on women (“huang se de”). Giving someone a pink flower is a sign of friendship, while red indicates romantic love. In terms of folklore and fantasy, colours tend to be fairly straightforward.

If you look at the “main” three characters (Saxon, Kenzie and Lieam), Saxon’s cloak is red because he’s aggressive and fiery, Kenzie’s is blue for thoughtfulness and calm and Lieam’s is green for youthful vigor and an enterprising spirit.

Anyhoo… that link above ought to help if you find you’re stuck for ideas.

My group and I have used this very thing ourselves. Great to see it posted for others to use as well. Really helps out a lot.

In the ‘Houses of the Blooded’ RPG there is a colour-to-meaning system too (but you would have to purchase the game to find it).
In Rennaissance Italy, the Church had assigned meanings to certain colours and the painters had to adhere to this system. I am sure there is a website somewhere that would show these, maybe the one Rafe suggests would be a good place to start.