Close Combat Chart

On Pg. 497, shouldn’t the Overbear row on the bottom read: V I V V?


In my version it does read V I V V, but I’ve got r23 here and I believe the finished document was r26. Can you give us context (i.e., maneuvers too)?

             Hand-to-Hand Weapons Fire Grenades Overbear
Hand-to-Hand       V            I         V        V
Weapons Fire       I            V         V        I
Grenades           V            V         I        V
Overbear           V            I         I        V

It makes the table asymetrical, meaning I need to know who is the horizontal axis and who is the vertical axis to properly read the table. Which has me scratching my head too.

Oh cool, Errata!

I knew those damn tables would get me in the end. If only I had an editor or an OCD programmer to look them over. :roll:

I need to look at the action descriptions before I can tell you what the right combination.


Thanks, Luke.

And Karl, for posting the chart while I was out.