Close Combat queries

To confirm, in close combat, you inflict disposition loss from the maneuver margin of successes and the individual combat actions?

Say you have 4 people in one unit and 6 in another. Is there any mechanism for deciding who is attacking who in close combat, or is this done through negotiation.

If two people attack one person in close combat does more than one unit rules in Firefight apply?

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Dispo loss in CC only comes from the unit action, not the individual actions (unless you knock someone out).

Targets are chosen privately by the players when choosing their CC individual actions. And yes, the “more than one unit” rules apply to that resolution – versus actions help versus actions, indies help indies, etc.


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So, if you perform a Close Combat Maneuver and get a MoS of 2 and the each side knocks out two individuals from each side, the total disposition loss for each side is 3?

Thanks for all the help. I haven’t read or played Burning Wheel before so I am coming to all this fresh. It is a lot to take in but it is very well written.

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No! If the attacking side in a CC manuever gets a an MoS of 2, both sides lose one point. Remember, CC MoS is divided between attacker and defender. It’s confused fighting!

So in your example, both sides would lose two from their respective dispos.

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Cool. I did pick up the split but my example was confusing.

MoS of 2 mean loss of 1 disposition from each side. Add in two individuals lost on each side. Total disposition loss equal 3 for each side. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I found out about it too late. I am working from the PDF and hope to be ordering a book today from Key 20.