Close Combat, Reservoir Dogs Style

We ran into a pickle in a mini-Firefight last session. We had two units, each comprised of two PC-level characters (Unit 1 was two PCs, Unit 2 was a GM FoN and his burned-up bodyguard).

PC 1 and FoN script Hand to Hand vs. each other. No problem.

Bodyguard scripts Weapons Fire vs. PC 1. Those are independent actions anyway, so still, no worries.

PC 2 scripts Weapons Fire vs. Bodyguard. How does that work? Is that an independent action for PC 2, since Bodyguard (foolishly) wasn’t concerned with PC 2’s action, or does Bodyguard’s Weapons Fire roll set the versus obstacle for PC 2, even though Bodyguard wasn’t specifically firing at him?

Weapons Fire is vs Weapons Fire, right?

You need to keep the versus test to see who gets their shot off first! Shooting second in this situation isn’t worth shit. You gotta pull faster!


OK, so your Individual close combat action is basically a defense against all versus attacks targeting you that volley, no matter who YOUR target is. Cool.

We did it wrong last session, but at least we did it consistently. :slight_smile: