Clumsy Weight - Is this changed?

I thought I remember in the BWR that clumsy weight penalties for arm armor affected not only agility, but also agility based skills (like weapon skills). In BWG, it appears only to specifically affect Agility, Throwing, and Shooting. Am I remembering wrong?

You’re remembering wrong. :stuck_out_tongue: It did not affect weapon skills.

Agreed, you are definitely remembering wrong.

You are correct in that Agility-based skills were affected in BWR but melee weapon skills and Brawling were explicit exceptions from that.

Ah, gotcha. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything with BWR. So this has changed then yes? Because it doesn’t specify Agility based skills, it only specifies Agility, Throwing, and Shooting.

Yes, if that’s what it says in BWG (something I sadly haven’t gotten my filthy little fingers on) then it’s obviously changed. I think I like that change since the main part of the Agility skills are martial and crafting skills. Then there’s the “thieving” skills which probably won’t be attempted with much armor anyway and I doubt it’s that much harder to drive a cart with some metal on your arms. It’s not unlikely that I’m forgetting some relevant skill but from my memory it seems like a good change.

But … doesn’t this make it totally possible to sneak around in heavy armor without any restrictions now? Is there some other kind of penalty applied to sneaking in armor?

Heavy Armor with no armor training gives a +1 ob to all tests, Plated mail or full plate is a +2 ob penalty to all tests.

In adition everyone including people with armor training takes an ob penalty to stealthy for light mail and up (if they’re wearing a chest piece)

Yeah, I was specifically speaking of the Arm piece (Agility, Throwing, and Shooting), not the Leggings (Speed and Climbing penalties) or the Chest (Health, Forte, and Stealthy penalties).

Stealthy is rooted in Speed, not Agility (and restricted by the chest piece). The thieving skills I was referring to was Lockpick and Sleight of Hand.