Colonial Marines - Fatigue/Recovery Factors

I’ve been working on a roll20 sheet for Colonial Marines and I found that the .pdf’s don’t make any mention of Fatigue/Recovery factors for Exhaustion. So, I decided to come up with some.

  • Firing Heavy Weaponry
    Thinking “Heavy Weaponry” would be shoulder mounted A/V weapons or emplaced weapons. Maybe tank weapons/artillery. Anything that makes a huge BOOM

  • Explosive Concussion
    Being caught in an explosive concussion of any sort. Could be enemies throwing a grenade at you, or could be from something you fired yourself if it explodes close.

  • Pressure/Compression/Ghillie Suit
    Cause they’re a bitch to move around in.

  • Fully Loaded Kit
    So basically every fresh, fully loaded marine would start out with this one. shrug

  • Hi-G Maneuvers
    For them chaotic space battles. Or tumbling around in a rolling APV?

  • Grenade Thrown
    This one seems cheap, but couldn’t really think of anything else.

Would love to hear any thoughts about these. I haven’t playtested any of these yet, so let me know if you do!


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