Combat Procedure for Warfare - units break?

Following the Anthology, on page 78, it talks about Disposition loss from Combat Results. I assume that it does not mean a unit will lose all Disposition in one exchange, right?

Now, on page 79, it says that after losing Disposition, all losing units that fought become broken (unless Inspired or someone makes a Sacrifice).

Thus, following the rules, it’s entirely possible that a small force (say, two units) engaged in combat and losing, could both break, even if their force Disposition is not zero. Correct? If so…

  1. Does this affect the end results at all? Or that’s still just based on the Winning Side’s Disposition?
  2. Having leftover Disposition doesn’t affect anything, right?

Just trying to get my head around everything.

I believe page 78 is saying that you can break a unit and do enough overflow damage to win the fight right there.

I believe page 79 is saying that if defeated in combat, a unit breaks unless it is inspired to stay or a hero sacrifices themself. Essentially, inspiration allows you to pay to keep a unit in place on the field.

So whether the unit loses by 1 or 20, it breaks when defeated in combat in the warfare rules. If you want them to stay around, the war captain must spend some of their dispo.

Units that break in combat are accounted for in each Combat Results Table in the BROKEN heading. The engagement type and level of compromise affects their fate.


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