Combat With Multiple Teams

I want to make sure I’m understanding teamwork rules for multiple teams. If someone could confirm or correct this I’d be grateful.

So, assume we’ve got Team A and Team B fighting together against a snake.

Action 1: Team A and Team B both attack and the snake defends. We play out Team A’s attack against the snake with Team B helping. This is one versus test, rolled by the appropriate mouse from Team A. The snake gets whomped but is still up.

Action 2: Team A, Team B, and the snake have all chosen to maneuver. Only one team can roll a test so only one mouse team can get bonus from the maneuver. We let Team B make the test and Team A helps. With two successes Team B gains position and gets a bonus to its next action. The poor snake totally flubs his test and gets nothing.

Action 3: Team A attacks, Team B defends, and the snake feints. The GM’s action always comes first so the snake takes his feint test, choosing to go after Team B. Team B is denied their defense test and loses their maneuver bonus. The next mouse up on Team A makes his attack test and manages to finish the snake off.

A few more questions:
Who decides which team will get to make a test when the teams’ actions overlap? The players, the GM, or the group as a whole?

When the teams’ actions overlap and one team is denied a test how does this affect the order in which teammates act? Say Bob on Team B was to make the test for Action 1 but didn’t do so because Team B didn’t roll a test that action. Does he roll the test for Action 2 or does that fall to the mouse Team B had originally planned on for Action 2 (let’s assume they’re 3 mouse teams, if that matters).

Finally, when Team A helps Team B with a test do they send one help die for the whole team or is each mouse able to send his own help die?

Thanks for bearing with me through a long post and my apologies if I’m asking obvious questions.

Hmmm… I always thought that a GM team’s action affected both teams.

I’m curious to see this clarified as well, Darkbloom. Actions 1 and 2 seem right to me, but I’m not sure about your action 3 and how that would be resolved.

Each mouse has a slot in the conflict, where they go is unaffected by whether or not they ‘roll’ as you say. Same thing with defend vs feint. The mouse defends, but that action doesn’t do anything against feint.

I believe its one die per mouse helping, not one for the team.

If you help another team with maneuver, you abide by the failure results, so shouldn’t you abide by success as well. So if you succeed both teams benefit. However, likely only one team will be rolling for the next action, so you don’t get a double bonus, but it’s there for whoever you want.

Actually, I found an answer about helping dice from Luke in another thread (over in the forum category I now realize this should have been in - doh).

He says that only the mouse who’s up to act from the helping team gets to supply a die.

Actually, Rafe, the bit in Action 3 where the snake only attacks the defending team I was sure was right because Luke addressed the same situation in this thread.

Perfect – all three scenarios worked out. I remember that thread now. Good to have the link.