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Cave Serpent by Arik Roper

Pssst. This is just between you and me. Check it out! #Torchbearer #Torchbearer2nd


Hot damn! That Cave Serpent is amazing.

Oh this is very cool

Yes! This is what we need!!!

I suppose this will be discussed in the Kickstarter itself, but for someone who never dove head first into the game (just lack of time, not interest), what are the burning reasons for a second edition? Cheers

My hope is that it’s more than a punch-up of the previous and involves more expanded material. Spells for levels 6-10 for starters, thieves and paladins included in the book, I know there’ve also been a couple minor rule changes. But my hope is that they expand material outside of dungeon crawling - maybe some hex crawling, mass combat and domain type stuff, more things to spend money on in town (perhaps some carousing tables). It can go a lot of directions.

That’s a great checklist. I’m mapping out a new BX campaign right now that is heavy on hexcrawl, using An Echo Resounding for domain planning. Seeing all that incorporated into Torchbearer would be very tempting.

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If you’re interested in the hexcrawl dimension / wilderness dimension, I know the Vagrant’s Guide explores that in enough depth that I can’t imagine anything else will attempt to replace it, certainly not anytime soon I’d imagine:

I just got my hard copy 2 days ago and it looks beautiful and is a really nice take on how TB might approach overland travel in a non-traditional way. I’d imagine they’re going to try to have some hard copies available after the Kickstarter stuff ends, and it looks like the PDF is already available.

I also feel like they talked at the GenCon seminar/panel/whatever about the idea of new editions not having significant enough changes that the earlier material would be rendered unusable.

Also, going back to that announcement at GenCon, I’m incredibly excited and the Kickstarter preview has me wondering how much all the goodies will set me back. I love backing BWHQs work and all TB related products. PUMPED!

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