commander skill uses

Hi I’m new here. I’m from france and I’ve GMed Mouse guard Burning wheel and a couple of Torchbearer session.

I post here because my players feel the warrior seems a little use less beteween fights.

I tought to beef I’m a bit I could make more use of the commander skill. I know it will change the finely tuned setting of the game but I think it’s worth a try.

I have 3 use for the skill in mind :

  1. coordinate action : obs 2 : character with 4 or more in there skill can help with 2 dices
  2. take formation : versus test will or nature : If the charahcter is the capatain of a conflict, he may add the margin of sucess to the dispositon in a kill or drive of conflict.
  3. wake up buddy ! : obs 2 : the character grant a bonus dice to heal the affraid or angry condition /(may be only to permit an affraid character to help on one test)

these option don’t seem over powered to me, particulary if you keep in mind that you advance the grind by using them.

what’s you’re opinion ?

I like the idea of using Commander to motivate an Afraid character into an Angry one.