Commune -> Anvil?

Just double-checking here. Volunteer Soldier (from Commune) does or does not equate to Soldier (Anvil)? RAW, it does not seem to - and I can get that. “I don’t care what you did in your toy army, boy - if you’re gonna be Anvil you’re gonna get pounded on just like everyone else.”

On the other hand, there is precedent for such LP-equivalence in other Burning Products.



Volunteer Soldier is a great lifepath, but it is not equivalent to Lord-Pilot Anvil.

Yeah, this is one of those things made slightly clearer with the BE supplement Bloodstained Stars. As I understand it, Commune forces aren’t considered as cool as Anvil. In fact, Commune forces aren’t considered much better than militia.

It’s really the same as the Professional Soldier / National Guardsman distinction that we have today. Volunteer Soldier is a guardsman, Solder is a recruit in the army.

Thanks for the confirm. Burning FoNs for a little demo here in Olympia and trying to cram as much as I can in 7LP.