Commune gouverned planet needs help

Hello to all!

Our group started the world burning process and achieved to give life to a communist world. This Void world includes a Military Junta faction, a Professional Volunteer Force and is currently blockated (remove spacefarer option). As the GM, I see the situation as a Void World, currently isolated with the remains of an imperial fleet (under commune control) which controls access to the planet. The planet possess a large source of energy (powerful crystals) which granted a low index technology.
This was the situation and there begin the problems!!
One of my players asked for a biologist, a kind of academic researcher. Ok I seek something in the book and we ended for a mixture with physicist (hammer setting) then scientist (spacefarer setting). And yes, I totally forgot about the spacefarer setting being deleted as a blockade was on!! I guess now that Philosopher in the commune setting is more appropriate to the concept and then a few general skill point to be used in biology skill? I have searched for another lifepathbut did not find any that corresponded. Do you have rules to produce lifepath? I could tweak the philosopher thing a bit though.
Second question: One FoN is the brother of a PC and is the responsible of the blockade. So to burn him, I took the hammer setting and started to burn a hammer captain. Then I realized that in Pro volunteer Force in commune world, no lord pilot lifepath is allowed (probably to avoid the Corvus and Crucis trait). So with no helm skill, how can he pilot a spaceship? Finally I decided to burn him anyway, perhabs the military junta could bypass the interdiction? I wonder if commune world could have operational fleet with a pro volunteer force… Ah during world burning process, as the GM I took a Rebel line/ Royalist faction. So perhabs, I could say that he is a noble. In this case, his PC brother must be noble too and I do not think his player will be happy with that!

So that is all folks!
It is a good game so far!

It’s actually because Lord-Pilot and Coeptir are both parts of the pilotry, which is part of the nobility. I’d rule it that because the Military Junta faction makes Anvil and Hammer native, that someone could take LP Anvil or LP Hammer as long as they were fairly connected to the Junta. Also, remember that Illegal Crucis lets you interface with a ship just as well as someone with the Corvis and Crucis (they just can’t pilot Anvil).

As for a ship captain who doesn’t have Lord-Pilot Hammer, as log as you take Pilot from Spacefarer or Traveller from Outcast you’re golden if you want to directly pilot the ship, especially as both of those Lifepaths also give Helm. Otherwise just get a bunch of money, take the Owner Aboard lifepath, and make someone else pilot for you because Owner Aboard lets you purchase Hammer (Page 112).

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Hi No Face,
Sounds like your players might want to play on a different world.

However, don’t forget that you can take lifepaths in off-world settings, you only have pay the premium for the lead.

Big thanks to you for your replies.
I will make as if the captain is connected to the junta. That was the initial planning and it sounds reasonable.
I completely forgot the off world thing. The idea here was a very isolated void world with no exchange with other worlds. But I think now that what they want is totally not feasible. Even USSR had exchange with the rest of the world. So next session, I will speak about that. And I will tweak the philosopher lifepath…