Complex Obstacle for a Winter Mission

I’m looking for a complex obstacle for a winter mission I’m planning. Premise is that a highly contagious and mouse-threatening fever has broken out in Lockhaven in the days leading up to Yulefrost. I was going with Scout for finding an important medicinal ingredient and Healer for concocting it, but I’m looking for a third test that ties in with them. Any suggestions?

And, now that I’m thinking about it, I’ll probably move the outbreak to another settlement (like Ivydale) so that the first mission obstacle can be a pathfinder test to the snowbound settlement, with either an animal or weather twist.

Stopping a panic: Oratory.

Organizing rationing of medication: Administration.

Applying the medicine to a sick child: Healer.

Thanks, Luke. That’s good stuff. Peeking at the book, there are also skills like Harvester and Scientist that might come into play.

In the case of your Administrator and Orator examples, is there some leeway on how related a complex obstacle’s sub-tests are to one another?

Leeway? I don’t understand. You can set up a complex obstacle as you see fit.

Sorry, taking some time coming back to this. The examples on page 68 and 92 make it look like the tests have to be closely related in scope. Thanks for clarifying.