Complex Obstacles and Twists

Howdy all, I was wondering if I could get some clarification on something. I’m running my first full mission on Wednesday, and I’m not sure if I quite understand how twists would affect a complex obstacle. If a complex obstacle consisted of three tests, and the party failed on the second test, and completed the twist I throw at them, would I then run the third test of the obstacle, or would I move onto an entirely new obstacle?

For example, say I had a wilderness obstacle where I wanted the group to do a Pathfinder OB3, a Survival OB4 and a Scout OB2. The group passes the Pathfinder test, but then fails on the survival and I throw a weather twist where they have to cross a cold river with a health test. Assuming they pass this test, do they then do the Scout test, or would I then move onto the next Obstacle?

Thanks for the help,


You resume the action as if they’d passed the second test; so in your example, you would present them with the Scout test.

Or you could slip in a whole new obstacle that they must confront before they get back on track with the original obstacle.

Thanks for the quick replies. I figured that is how it worked, but confirmation is nice.