Complex Roll- Who Wins, and What's the Obstacle

The situation: a very messy firefight. The enemy Anvil commander is trying his darnedest to find the rebels and get a lock on them, but the rebel kerrn commander’s been jarred by some suppressive fire- so the other PC, an insurrectionist has taken over.

So it’s Advance vs. Observe, as the rebels try to storm the food depot (a Position 3 location.)

My dude has 4D Observation, and gets 2 successes. He also wears Anvil Armor that gives him +1 obstacle to all his Observation rolls.

Tavis does not have command. He rolls his Beginner’s Luck Will of 5, and gets 3 successes.

So, I think this is a tie- Tavis needs to get twice as many successes as me, which would be 4, but I have +1 obstacle, so that’s 3 instead. So I don’t exceed what I needed to get to Observe him. (Unless the +1 obstacle in a versus test translates to -1 success, which would give Tavis and obstacle of 2. He’d still fail, because it’s a Position 3 place.)

So, that’s curious, because however you calculate it, we both pretty much fail.

But I want to know what to give Tavis for his advancement. Is this a Routine test (he only needed 2 successes- my 2, minus 1, times 2, or if he needed 3, my 2 times 2, and then minus 1), a Difficult test (he needed 4- my 2, times 2, and my +1 obstacle doesn’t factor into his calculation), or a Challenging test (if the +3 Position of the position counts as an obstacle increase- he was trying to beat me by three, but the text of Advance does not specify that this is actually an increase in the obstacle.)

It’s an ob 5 test for advancement.

Add the obstacle penalty to your opponent’s successes, don’t subtract from yours.

That’s pretty much the one obstacle I was not at all expecting to hear. I am now baffled. Could you elaborate?

Obstacle for an advance is equal to the position being occupied, right?

The versus test successes add to that.

So that’d be 7 then, because the advancer is making a beginner’s luck test and base obstacle doubles, yes?

It’s an Ob 7 test, so he fails that, but it counts as Ob 5 for advancement. Advancement doesn’t count the doubling for Beginner’s Luck.


I would factor the Beginner’s Luck test at Ob 10, but that’s just me.

That makes sense. Double the base Ob the Position adds, and double the rolled successes your opponent gets which still count as the base Ob for your action. Harsh!