Complicated environments

It looks like my group’s going to be burning up a world and characters next week, so I’m going over rules and trying to get ready. In particular I’m thinking of oddball ecologies, since the idea of an entire colony ship being depicted as Non-Life Supporting plus Artificial Environs (mentioned in another thread) struck me as vey cool.

Question: If we want, say, a world where most of the population is on a space station but there’s a habitable planet nearby with a small settlement (as in the novel Downbelow Station), or there’s some complicated mix in the star system such as an earthlike mainworld but extensive O’Neill habitats, what is the best way to depict that? “Broad Range of Conditions”? “Partially Life-Supporting”? Or maybe both “Human-Life Supporting” and “Artificial Environs” in combination?

For the world we just burned up, we went with an ocean world with a few landmasses near the poles and a breathable atmosphere but devastating storms. The population lives under the surface of the ocean in sealed domes.

So, that gives us:
Atmosphere: Human Life Supporting
Hydrology: Primarily Liquid
Topography: Artificially Created Environs

That seemed to work for us and seems to imply what you’re getting at also.