Condition - Equipment broken or supplies taxed

Last night’s session I taxed one mouses stash of herbs as a condition (other than angry, etc . . ).

Any longterm consequences from this tweak to the rules I’m not seeing?

I was actually thinking the same thing. Like a bow getting damaged in a snowavalanche.

You can definetly get this from a conflict.

Seems cool. It’s like one of the MC moves in Apocalypse World, “Take away their stuff.”

You lose the ongoing penalties that come with the other conditions, but they can’t use the item. Recovery is repairing or replacing the stuff.

Wouldn’t this just be considered a twist?

No. A twist is another encounter, which, once resolved, goes away and still accomplishes the failed attempt.

A condition is a persistent nuisance until an action is taken to undo it.

Actually, David is correct. Losing important gear or equipment is a standard twist. Failure on page 68: “Twists usually come in the form of new obstacles to overcome, but sometimes they can just be cool moments you describe.”

Here’s a typical instance of play:

The patrol is attempting to cross a river with Beginner’s Luck Boatcrafting. They fail the test.

GM: "You plunge into the icy cold water and find yourself dragged under by your cloaks in the swift current. With no other choice, you pull free of your cloaks and struggle to the surface. A short time later, as the sun sets, you crawl to shore bedraggled and freezing. You’re all going to have to make an Ob 3 Health test or get Sick.

Player: “I’m a Survivalist. Can I build a shelter to keep us warm through the night instead?”

GM: “Sure!” [Checks factors under survivalist.] “That’s an Ob 3 Survivalist test for building a shelter for your patrol.”

or here’s another example that doesn’t immediately involve another obstacle:

The patrol is on its way to Wolfpointe where a friend has fallen very ill. The patrol’s healer, Hannah, will attempt to save him when they get there, and she’s stocked away a special batch of medicine from Sprucetuck for just this purpose. It’s a fine summer day and the weather is warm. The patrol is crossing a dubious vine bridge across a chasm when a terrible thunderstorm erupts out of the blue.

GM: “In the wind and the rain, the vine the patrol is on snaps! You’ve got to cling to the remnants of the vine or be blown away! This is essentially climbing, so you can all use Nature. It’s going to be versus the Summer Weather, 4 dice!”

The players are all helping each other, and they have 8 dice to roll so they’re feeling confident. But the GM manages 3 successes and they only muster 2, despite having double the number of dice.

GM: “Okay, like the mice you are, you dig into the vine and cling for dear life, even against the thump at the end when you swing into the chasm wall. Roger (the tenderpaw) finds himself at the bottom of the line of mice, clinging not to the vine but Hannah’s medicine satchel! The strap begins to break and Hannah has to choose between the medicine and Roger. With a frustrated groan, she grabs Roger’s paw and yanks him up to the vine as the satchel breaks free and spirals down into the depths of the Chasm. Healing Warrick is going to be a lot harder now.”