Condition Immunity and the Grind

Does being immune to a condition brings the Grind to a halt?

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Interesting question. I would assume that it gives you a free pass for the 4 moves that would give you that condition, but the next four. Or another way to say it is that it gives you the condition, but you’re immune to the effects.

AFAIK, immunity to a condition (ie: Fearless) prevents it from being handed out to the character as a condition. The Grind is an ever-present concern.

Interesting question! Is a fearless Elf immune to death by grind?!

Fearless: Elves are often fearless. When the afraid condition is handed out by the GM as the result of a fight or argument, you do not mark the condition. Do not mark a lesser or alternate condition.

Therefore, it does not grant immunity from the afraid condition due to the grind.

Kudos for such a pun-ful question.

(Get it?? Grind? Halt?)

Note to self: never hand out an item that grants immunity to the grind. Or, make it immunity that only after all of the other conditions, save for Dead, have been check off, can this character suffer that condition.

Did you accidentally hand out such an inadvertently powerful item?

Nope! My players have found a total of two magic items, neither of which are this powerful.

Hold up. We found two!?

There’s the oracle blade… but… what else…

I also want to add, from the L1-10 sheets, the Paladin’s L7 Vow to the Lords of Sickness and Health really and truly rules out the Sick condition, right? “You cannot be made sick.” I assume that’s intentional (and includes exemption from Grind), but correct me if I’m wrong.

I didn’t want to say anything, but all that sweet loot you just pawned? Yeah. . .

No!!! In that case: a wise lesson for fools.

But, at least we got some new armor out of the whole ordeal. Worth every “D”.

The next time you see wooden figurines moving around on a table independent of any force, I highly, highly recommend you get them identified before selling them.

I interpreted it that you can’t get the condition. When you would be made sick, or afraid, you simply simply ignore it. But that doesn’t mean the grind stops. You’ll still be checking the next box that comes up in sequence.

Or as someone else stated earlier, you might check the box for the grind, but never suffer the penalties to your rolls.

Being immune to Fear is a big deal and worth losing a spell slot. Sometimes being immune to fear – not so much. But I tend to give places a break rule-wise, so I can throw more crap their way.

The rules call out the specific situations in which the character can ignore the condition. I think it’s still pretty powerful - a smart player will be able to avoid this penalty pretty much indefinitely.

When a halfling burglar of 2nd level or higher tightens his belt, what happens if he is already angry? Does he/she become afraid? What’s the thinking?

I’d have to do some research and I’m at work, so I don’t have time. But I do think I’ve seen similar abilities that state something along the lines of (in this case): “If the halfling already has the Angry condition, he must gain the Hungry/Thirsty condition.”

Like I said, that’s just from memory and may not be entirely correct, but I believe that is the intention.

Camyron is correct. The halfling can miss one meal and become irritable and snappish rather than hungry. After that though, the halfling must become hungry.

Thanks guys. I have informed the halfling in question. Sadly for him he just totally failed to deal with his anger issues in town so he’ll have to wait a while until he has the option of tightening his belt.