Condition Recovery Rules

I just finished reading the whole book and I’m totally looking forward my first session.
However, there’s something which I would like to be confirmed beforehand.

p 126-127:
Test at Players’ Turn: cost = 1 check
Test at GM’s Turn: cost = 2 checks
Recovery Order:

  1. Hungry and Thirsty
  2. Angry
  3. Tired
  4. Injured
  5. Sick

p 261:
“Recover Quickly: 2 Checks
You may buy a recovery test in the GM’s phase for the cost of two checks. Once you spend the checks, you can make an attempt at recovery, even if it’s right before a test.”
So far, so good.
In the example the player suffers with Angry and Tired.
Normally I would assume that he can use 2 checks to test if he can remove the Angry condition as it’s no2 and Tired no3 in the order.
But in this example the player removes Tired instead.

Does that mean that the normal rules don’t apply to recovery while in the GM’s Turn?

I’m pretty sure that was how was played it.