Conditions carrying over between sessions

How do you guys handle CONDITIONS when you start a new session. Presumably, days or weeks have gone by between the end of one session and another (in most cases). Do affected mice remain HUNGRY? Or ANGRY? Or INJURED?

Or do you downgrade the condition and play on?

Conditions persist until they are recovered from in play or though an action like giving the session prologue. Life in the Guard takes its toll.

But how do you explain it thematically when a mouse becomes hungry in spring and remains so when you play the next adventure in summer.

Im sure there’s an obvious way. Im probably just missing it. Lol.

  1. There’s a general famine and there’s simply not enough to eat. But that’s unsatisfactory because not everyone else is hungry.

  2. He misses his last meal right before he heads out the door to his most recent mission, thus starting himself right where he left off.

I follow. So thematically its not like he’s been hungry for months straight. But mechanically its simply making sure he spends the check to remove the penalty. Makes perfect sense. Thanks Luke, for your help on my two posts yesterday.