Conflict - off the charts

The conflict mechanic can be used for any multi-skill taks quite nicely. All you have to do is figure out what the ADFM skills are and the Disposition base & roll. They don’t even need to truly be symetrical; one side can be using one set, and the othe a different set.

Actual Play Example

My players, in an effort to save a ground-hive from a flood, pushed a major situation of moving a hive. They agreed it should use conflict mechanics, and I felt it a good and dramatic thing, when the intents came out…
Players: To move the hive to a tree of our choosing, safe from flood but still accessible.
Bees: To escape the mice, and find their own hive away from the mice.

The bees got a Nature/Nature for dispo of 9.
Players got to roll Apiarist or Loremouse /Will (getting a 6, due to unskilled and tired; bonus die for having smoked the hive first).

We used the following skills by action
Attack: Apiarist or Loremouse
Defend: Apiarist or Science
Feint: Loremouse or Deception (faking out the bees)
Maneuver: Scout or Science

The resulting conflict, quite unlike a combat despite the mechanics, resulted in a tense, dramatic 5 round conflict, as the players grabbed the queen, and runing from one tree to the next, kept looking for a place to secure the queen long enough for the bees to move the remnants of the hive in.

In the end, a major compromise by the players: They moved the hive, but half of the swarm left carrying just hatched queen… not enough bees left to allow harvest this year, but definitely enough for the hive to survive, where the players put it.

So, anyone else gone off the charts yet?

Very nice.


Awesome. I can’t wait to hear some more stories.

The Duel of Bees!

You know, you can make some for us, too…

Well, my players got creative with a conflict… all three mice were angry for various reasons (aquired due to Player Turn Complications). It was the last check in the player turn. Steve challenges them to “work off their anger with combat training”… invokes it as a conflict.

Stated intent: “I’m going to hold them off until we have worked out all that anger!”
Counter intent, Steph: “Beat him until he quits from exhaustion.”
Counter intent, Jerry: “Not get hurt!”

unstated purpose: kill 6 birds with one stone… 3 angers and 3 checks in fight. Well, since we all had fun with this 3 round conflict, and Steve won… having lost 75% of his dispo, he wore down Jerry’s character’s dispo… Jerry plotted 3 feints… openly… Compromise: yeah, not injured, and yeah, not angry…

Steph fell to dispo 0 in the same round. COnsidering Steve burned a fate, I felt it worthy for treating everyone’s anger… Steve uped his dispo before dispatching steph’s dispo… and accepting her compromise request of acknowledging her skil being better than he thought. Creative abuse of rules at its finest.