Conflict Participation

Hey guys, sorry if this question has been asked before, but I’m a little unsure what the intent of the TB rules is in regards to if all party members must be part of a combat or not.

Using the Skogenby adventure as an example. If the PCs initiate a Drive Off conflict with the first group of Tomb Guardians, does everyone have to be part of it, or can the Magician with no fighter or combat spells take a step back and let his more martially minded friends handle the conflict?

Similarly, if the group’s Cleric chooses to initiate a Banish conflict against a big bad ghost, does the rest of the party (notably lacking Ritualist skills) have to join her, or can she face the conflict on her own?

You cannot help with the Disposition test when initiating a conflict without having the appropriate skill, but that does not mean that you can’t help out during the conflict.

In some conflict types (Drive Off, Kill, Persue/Flee), one of the two listed skills is actually an ability – Will or Health, so your non-fighter-y character is free to act using those abilities, as long as the appropriate conflict actions (Defend or Maneuver, usually) are scripted for that player’s actions.

Otherwise, you will likely need to use Beginner’s Luck or magic while participating in a conflict for which you do not have the listed skills.

No one is required to participate in a conflict, but they could potentially end up being affected by the outcome:

Player: “I’m not going to be part of this Flee conflict.”
GM: “Ok, since you’re not running away, two of the kobolds grab you and begin to wrestle you to the floor so that they can tie you up. Your companions, on the other hand, are all running away, with the rest of the creatures close behind. Let’s resolve the Flee conflict first, then we’ll come back to you to see what’s happening between you and the two kobolds.”

Don’t be afraid to use Beginner’s Luck!

Cool. Thanks for the clarification.

You have clearly played this game correctly.

Well, there’s a first time for everything!