Conflict questions (about skills)

After running my first MG game, I’ve got a few questions about how conflicts work:

  • Team members can help with disposition rolls, but can characters join a team if they don’t have the skill that’s being tested? eg can they join in with a fight if they don’t have ‘Fighter’ (p104)
  • If a team member chooses an action where they don’t have the skill (eg they chose Feint in a Chase, but don’t have pathfinder (p113)) what do they roll?
  • Do conflicts generate passes or fails towards skill advancement?

I would appreciate any help, thanks.


  1. Yes.
  2. See Beginner’s Luck page 95.
  3. Yes one test per skill or ability per conflict.

Brilliant, I can see how that works now.
But, for 3, you say one test, how do you know if it’s a pass or fail? I can see how V would work, but how about I? Or is that automatically a pass?

Reread pages 227-229.

Got it, thanks :slight_smile: