Conflict skills: Fighter vs Hunter

Grettings everyone.

I have a question regarding “combat” skills.

There are 2 skills that can be used in “combat” conflicts: Fighter and Hunter

Fighter referes to any fight, Hunter referes to Animal Fight.

My question is … what types o “combat” conflicts are not agains animals ???

Thanks in advance.

Weasels and Mice are not “animal” fights because they’re intelligent, cunning foes (and they use made weapons instead of natural ones).

So only weasels and mices count as “not animals” ?

ok this gets me to another question… a mice with hunter skill should have also Fighter skill? what advantages does he has for having unter and not just fighter ?

As far as I know. I couldn’t find a definition of Fight vs Animal Fight in the book, though.

Honestly not sure. In terms of fighting and fight conflicts, I’d say Fighter. However, Hunter is also for hunting. A hunter and can use Hunter for things outside of a animal fight conflict, I would think. It’s early and I’m not fully awake so I can’t think of any examples off hand.

I would agree with this statement. The two skill are actually in fact two separate skills. It’s mechanically similar but technically inaccurate to use one in place of the other. Hunter is also used for tracking when scout would be innappropriate. There isn’t really an advantage in either case really. They are just two separate skills which represent different aspects of your character. I made a Mouse that hated birds especially, so his fight was low but he had a high hunter. (just an example)